Helical Gear Drives

Boston Gear offers three styles of quality helical gear drives, each designed with the durability and versatility to suit your application:

Helical Gear_72800 Series – In-Line Helical
800 Series – the newest member to the Boston Gear family. In-line gear drives designed to be interchangeable with SEW Eurodrive and other European manufacturers.



Helical Gear_72800BR Series Helical Worm Gear Drives
Boston Gear’s 800BR Series helical worm gear drives are heavy duty helical gear drives with long life performance features and simplified maintenance. The 800BR Series comes in double and triple reduction ratios from 8:1 through 900:1 and a maximum 10HP rating.
As always, the 800BR Series is available via Reducer Express.


200Famility-200200 Series, Optimount
Boston Gear’s 200 Series Optimount® combines the unique benefits of a shaft mount gear drive but also the flexibility of a base mounted reducer. Because of its precision machined external surfaces, the 200 Series can be integrated directly into an OEM piece of equipment or, with the addition of an output shaft kit and horizontal/vertical base, be converted to a parallel shaft base mounted gear drive.


Helical HM Series Quill
The Helical-Multiplier reducer can be used as either a speed reducer or increaser or in combination with a 700 Series worm gear reducer to create an efficient right angle double reduction speed reducer.

  • close grained cast iron housing and flanges
  • hardened steel helical gearing for long life
  • anti-friction bearings
  • double lip seals guard against oil leakage
  • brass spring loaded breather plug keeps out dirt and water
  • optional steel bolt on base
  • double bearing design on input and output shaft