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Boston Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Boston Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Long recognized as a pioneer among OEM and MRO manufacturers, Boston Gear has been producing dependable products since 1877 – and at the top of the list is our 700 Series worm gear speed reducer. Our 700 Series is known throughout the industry for its durable, efficient, and trouble-free performance.

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Boston Worm Gear Speed Reducers, 700 Series Part Numbers

Stainless Steel 700 Series

Double Reduction

Boston Helical Gear Drives

Boston Helical Gear Drives

Boston Gear’s helical gear drives have been used in some of the most demanding applications and environments across a wide range of industries. We’ve designed the product line to include three different series in order to meet a broader array of application requirements.

Helical Gear Drives Part Numbers

Boston Bevel Gear Drives

Boston Bevel Gear Drives

Three different series of straight tooth and spiral bevel gear drives are available from Boston Gear. These right-angle gear drives are designed for high capacity, efficiency, quiet operation, and long service life.

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  • RA Series Right 90 Bevel Gear Drives
  • R1000 Bevel Gear Drives
  • R/VR 100 & R/VR 200 Series Spiral Bevel Bevel Gear Drives

Boston Gear DC Drives

Boston Gear DC Drives


Boston Gear AC Drives

Boston Gear AC Drives


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