Boston Gear Reducers

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Welcome to Boston Gear Distributor the source for Industrial Power Transmission purchasing, plant maintenance and design engineering professionals. We specialize in both Mechanical Power Transmission components and complete Power Transmission Systems, including Gearmotors and Electronic or Electrical motor controls and sensors. Our systems are designed to work in the most demanding Power Transmission applications, providing simple, dependable, precise and powerful machine control and productivity, duty cycle after duty cycle year after year.

Boston Gear Reducers


We ship from well-stocked warehouse and assembly facilities located NATIONWIDE. can ship Boston Gear Speed Reducers in just a few hours. You can receive these products anywhere in the contiguous USA using SAME DAY DELIVERY **This service is available 24 Hours a Day 6 days a week anywhere within the contiguous USA.

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  • We also sell, repair and service: Pre-configured Drive Packages with, AC Variable Speed Drives or DC Variable Speed Drives of 50 to 500 H.P. with Line Reactor disconnect and door mounted digital key pad. They can be shipped with a motor in 5 business days.